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la note d'un - Avis Pioneer CDJ-200

The Pioneer CDJ 200 is a pro cd and mp3 player. It is very compact and sleek with a very nice and stylish design that anyone can appreciate. As soon as you turn it on, it illuminates and looks great. The general use of the Pioneer cj 200 is very easy to understand. You will get it in no time without any manuals needed. The buttons on this device are very touch friendly. You don’t have to apply much pressure in order to get the function you want to work. A nice gentle push will do it, most other units similar to this one require you to put a forced pressure on the buttons to get them to operate.

The display on the Pioneer CDJ 200 is not that big though, this could be a deal breaker from some people. The unit itself isn’t very big so there really wasn’t room to put a bigger display or lcd. There are a few effects that I really like though, Zip effect is a pretty need effect if you use it properly. The Pioneer CDJ does not have to be used as a DJ tool if you don’t want it to. You can simply use it as a regular cd player if you wish. But if you are looking for a regular cd player I don’t recommend getting this because you wont need all of the effects, plus you wouldn’t want to pay that much just for a cd unit.

All in all you can expect a great quality product fro Pioneer , they normally create very powerful and stylish equipment and have a reputation for being one of the leading DJ equipment sellers across the world. You can go wrong with a Pioneer Product and the CDJ 200 will suit you just right. Grab on of these babies!