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Avis de moosers - Antares Audio Technology Avox Articulator Evo

The Antares Systems Avox Articulator Evo is a digital talkbox effects plug-in. The plug-in is included in the Avox Evo Vocal Toolkit and isn't available on it's own. It's a pretty in depth talkbox, with some unique parameters that allow you to get all sorts of crazy sounds. I didn't install this bundle since I don't own the Avox Evo bundle and have only used it at the studio where I'm working. It did take me a little bit of time to get used to using the Avox Articulator, at least more than average for a plug-in, but once you break it down section by section it makes pretty good sense. The more traditional sections of parameters that it has are for input and output mixers, and an equalizer. It then has a section for formant modulation which allows you to control the throat length and width and another called formant extraction which gives you control over the voice type (range) and tracking. There is also amplitude modulation envelope and a built in noise generator. A manual is probably a good place to get a full explanation of all the parameters, but I haven't seen it myself.


We've got the Antares Systems Avox Articulator Evo plug-in and the full Evo bundle running on a few different Pro Tools HD systems at the studio where I work. We rarely have issues running anything on any of these systems, and I've only had a need to run one of these at a time anyway. I don't know exactly how well this would run on an LE system or something comparable, but for me it has always ran smoothly.


The Antares Systems Avox Articulator Evo is definitely one of the coolest talkboxes I've used out there as it takes a unique approach to this awesome effect. It's definitely not your typical talkbox as you have a lot of precise control that you won't find elsewhere. The best part is that the plug-in also sounds fantastic. It's got a really smooth sound to it that is capable of wearing a lot of different hats in the sense that it's a versatile plug-in. The Avox Evo Vocal Toolkit must all be considered in order to decide if you want this plug-in since it can only be purchased in this bundle, but if you're doing a lot of vocal world, it's definitely a bundle worth having.