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  • Fabricant : AEA
  • Modèle : RPQ2
  • Catégorie : Préampli à transistors
  • Fiche créée le : 20/09/2016
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  • Two channels with 81dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain
  • NoLoad™ 63k ohm high-impedance circuitry providing better overall transients, frequency response, and higher output sensitivity
  • High-resolution, high-impedance front-panel 1/4" DIs
  • Mic/Line mode with Post-Mic and Pre-EQ Inserts for alternative and convenient routing options


Gain at 1kHz: 
Noise figure, rms A-weighted: 
Noise figure, rms unweighted: 
<3dB, 20 kHz LPF bandwidth
<-130 dBu A-weighted, 150 Ohm resistive source
Frequency response: 
-3dB <1Hz and >100 kHz
<0.02% at 1 kHz
Input impedance: 
Hi-Z Input Impedance >5M Ohms
Balanced Microphone Input Impedance: 
63K Ohms (10K Ohms with Phantom-Power engaged)
Balanced Line Input Impedance: 
18K Ohms
Input Gain control: 
Twelve-position switch provides from +13dB to +62dB of gain
Switched LF Shelving filter: 
-3dB break-frequency tunable from 22 Hz to 515 Hz; maximum reduction -20dB
Switched CurveShape EQ: 
+3dB break-frequency tunable from 2.1 kHz to 26 kHz; HF gain adjustable from +0dB to +20dB
Color LEDs: 
Green, Yellow, Red
XLR output maximum level into 600Ω load: 
+28 dBu, balanced; 0 dBu = 0.7746 V rms
XLR connectors polarity: 
Pin-1 is ground, pin-2 is high, pin-3 is low
LED signal level indicators: 
The green LED snaps on at -20 dBu to indicate the presence of signal; the yellow LED snaps on at 0 dBu; the red LED snaps on at +24 dBu to warn of approaching signal overload.
Full-rack measured with knobs and switches: 19” w, 9” d, 1.75” h (48.5 cm x 23 cm x 4.45 cm)
4lb 5oz (~2 kg)
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