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Avis de moosers - Chandler Limited TG 2

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The Chandler Limited TG 2 is a dual channel microphone preamp.  It is an analog unit that has XLR connections in the back and 1/4 inch connections in the front if you want to use this as a dual direct input box.  It is indeed a rack mountable piece of gear and will take up a single size rack space.


Using the Chandler Limited TG 2 is quite easy as even though there are definitely enough parameters on here, there isn't too much going on.  Each of two channels has knobs for input and output and also has buttons for phantom power, phase, DI, and for a filter.  This isn't too much and is easily operated, even if you don't have experience with this before.  As long as you know the basic parameters found on most pre-amps you won't have any trouble using the Chandler Limited TG 2 and for this reason a manual isn't necessary if you don't already ahve one.


As is the case with most of the products that Chandler Limited makes, the TG 2 has a superb sound quality.  It has a really full and rich sound that will present the sound of your microphones precisely and accurately.  It has a great deal of warmth in its sound and will work for just about any type of application, but especially sounds great with vocals and drums, among just about all other situations.  There isn't much more I can say about the sound of the Chandler TG 2 beyond that it awesome and is up there with the best sounding mic pres.


I've been using the Chandler Limited TG 2 for about a year and whenever I have the chance to use it I always take advantage.  I love using the pres for snare drum as it gives it and anything else you run through it a really round and fat sound.  I've always been pleased with the sound of these pres and its great to have two of them within a single rack at a single price.  The price is of course not cheap and is probably out of the range for most home studio owners, but even if you are not a professional, this set is a great pair to invest in as a top end pre for your home studio.