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Petite annonce Focusrite ISA 220

Focusrite ISA 220

700 € France Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Je vend mon Focusrite ISA 220 en très bonne état.Trés peu utilisé dans mon home studio non fumeur.

Classic Focusrite transformer-based Mic pre
New Focusrite EQ featuring elements of the original
ISA 110 EQ circuit Hi and Lo pass filters
Precision VU metering of input level or compressor gain reduction (switched)
Proprietary Focusrite discrete Class A VCA Compressor design for better distortion and noise figures
Order of compressor and EQ modules in the signal path can be switched from the front panel
New Blend feature allows uncompressed dynamics to be merged with the compressed signal path
De-esser design based on optical technology for lower distortion and transparency
De-esser listen for independent monitoring of isolated sibilant signals
Frequency-adaptive limiter to prevent critical digital overloads
Optional Stereo A/D – 24 bit 96 KHz Delta Sigma converter running at 128KHz over-sampling -
Dithers down to 20 or16 bit

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