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What has changed from the ISA 428 to the ISA 428 MkII?

The analogue circuit board used in the ISA428 MkII is exactly the same board used in the original.

Here is a summary of the changes made to the ISA428 MkII:

• Analogue ‘moving coil’ peak meters have been removed.
The LED meters remain on the ISA428 MkII and sit in the signal chain before the A-D converters.

• The Soft Limiter feature has been removed.

• The bit depth selection button has been removed from the front panel.
There are now more superior methods to make changes the bit depth from within a DAW.

• The linear power supply has been replaced with a switched-mode power supply.
The new power supply automatically switches between input voltages. It can be plugged into most mains power supplies around the world without changing a voltage selector or a fuse.






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