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Grace Design Felix

Grace Design Felix

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  • Fabricant : Grace Design
  • Modèle : Felix
  • Catégorie : Préampli à transistors
  • Fiche créée le : 20/01/2015
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  • 2 channel audio path with blend output control 
  • m101 style transimpedance microphone preamplifier, no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path 
  • Ultra precision 0.5% thin  film resistors are used in the signal path 
  • Careful power supply design and grounding yield an ultra-quiet signal path and professional level headroom and line driving ability 
  • Fully ground isolated DI outputs with high quality, low distortion, fully shielded transformers 
  • Super rugged 1/4” connectors with heavy duty metal bushings 
  • Powerful, independent EQ on both channels – hi and low shelving and full parametric midrange 
  • Mid frequency control has two ranges 70-640Hz / 655 - 6kHz 
  • 20Hz-1kHz sweepable HPF on both channels, can also be set as notch filter 
  • A / B footswitch for multiple instrument configurations or soloing different pickups 
  • Mute/ tune footswitch mutes all outputs except dedicated tuner out 
  • Boost footswitch for variable 10dB level boost (global) 
  • DI outputs sources are configurable - Ch1 (mix or Ch1) Ch2 (mix or Ch2) 
  • Dedicated level controlled stage amp output (configurable as blend or Ch2) 
  • Dedicated tuner out, remains hot when unit is muted 
  • Side panel switches for 48V, phase, mid Hz range select, HPF/notch select, 12V and A/B mode select 
  • 12V mic input power available on Ch2 
  • Phase reverse switch for each channel 
  • 3 input impedance settings on each channel – Ch1 10K, 1MEG, 10MEG / Ch2 332K, 1MEG, 20MEG accommodating a wide range of pickup types 
  • Aux footswitch jack for accessing switch functions if Felix is mounted in a rack tray or on top of an amp 
  • Mic stand flange mount screw holes holes for putting Felix on a mic stand 
  • 1/8” headphone jack, active when Felix is muted 
  • Global TRS effects insert jack 
  • Universal 100-240 AC power supply with standard IEC cable – no wall wart - take Felix anywhere in the world! 
  • Full 5 year transferable warranty / built for long, happy life on the road
  • Designed and made by family and friends in Lyons, CO, USA
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