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Mise à niveau à partir de l'original ACP-88 - Avis PreSonus ACP88

The PreSonus ACP-88 is an 8 channel compressor and gate/limiter. The ACP-88 can be racked taking up 2 rack spaces. The threshold on this unit is -40 dB to 20 dB with 1:1 ratio. There are 8 ¼ inputs and 8 ¼ outputs with side chain ins and outs. I purchased one of these back in late 2007 and used it till about 2010. I wanted to get this because I was using the original ACP-8 many years ago and wanted to upgrade because many people told me the ACP-88 was worth the upgrade.


The ACP-88 gave me side chain on each and every channel as well as trigger inputs on each channel. There are 8 full featured gates and 8 full featured compressors and limiters. This unit took the place of a lot of processors that we had in our studio that were basically just taking up a lot of space so upgrading to the ACP-88 gave use more rack space too!


Understanding this unit is easy if you have worked with it before and because I was coming from the APC-8 I had no problem getting a use to using this one. If you are new to the ACP-88 I recommend reading through the manual before you get started so you can understand how all of the processing works. The manual is easy to read and understand, you can actually still download it online.


This rack is great for live sound and in studio. I prefer to keep it in studio though because of how it doesn’t color the sound. Plus having 8 channels in a studio is great too. This gave us a warm sound and every time we used it we loved it. We do not own it anymore because we upgraded to another model but all of the recordings we did with the ACP-88 were great. PreSonus has created a monster!