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Concepteurs sonores ne - Avis Oberheim SEM Pro

The Oberheim SEM Pro is a desktop synth module that has two oscillators on it. If you are looking for a synth interface with knobs then look no further. The Oberheim SEM Pro has a LFO knob, 2 envelope knobs, a filter knob and a few others for the parameters. The cost of the Oberheim SEM Pro is a little more than I think that it should be. It cost almost 1200 dollars which is kind of pricey when there are other desktop synths that are just as good but cost about half as much as the Oberheim SEM Pro cost.


Setting it up is the easy part, the hard part is understanding it. The manual does come with it but it is not very helpful for understanding the Oberheim SEM Pro. Another thing that upset me about the Oberheim SEM Pro is that there are no presets on it. All of the sounds that come out of it will have to be programmed by you. For the price that it cost I feel like it should at least have 500 plus presets to choose from.


If you are not into creating your own sounds or sound design then the Oberheim SEM Pro may not be for you. It is very difficult to get the sound that you want to get if you don’t understand sound design. I have used the Oberheim SEM Pro over 20 times and each time that I have a chance to use it, it takes forever to get the sound that I want to get out of it.


The Oberheim SEM Pro is well built and will not break on you as long as you use it with care and don’t drop it or spill anything on it. I would only recommend this to people who have a general knowledge of sound design and working with each individual parameter.