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Avis de songboy - Moog Music MF-102 Ring Modulator

This a ring modulator with an LFO. It is pure 100% analog. It has 5 knobs to turn for all you editing needs, no computer necessary. It has 1/4" audio connections and expression connections (all knobs except "drive" can be controlled via expression pedals) and it is rackable if you buy the rackmount accessory (holds three mf pedals all together).


There are only five knobs to configure, but they have wide parameters, like all mf pedals, so there is a lot of room for change. If you memorize the "presets" in the manual, you should get a good idea where to start from to make your own sounds.


This thing sounds super weird, aka super sweet. I would have to say the sounds are very "unreal" in a very good way. I use this in my synth/drum sampler/alt vocals mixer's effects chain (with the mf lowpass filter) and it makes even the crappiest sounding devices take on a whole new and very interesting life. Any sound that goes through this things comes out on the other end sounding crazy, so you really can't go wrong.


I have had this for 1 year. The best thing about this effect is, again, everything, and i mean everything that is sent through this sounds crazy cool. I don't think there is anything I don't like about this pedal. I did try the ring mod effect in the Boss ME-50 pedal, and thought it was ok, but this thing kicked its digital butt with glistening analog muscle. This pedal is around $275, and and Exp pedal costs around $40 ( I recommend getting at least one) which is a big chunk of change, but it is worth every penny. I would absolutely buy this again. It has impacted my sound to the bone.