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Brillant! - Avis Native Instruments Battery Studio Drums

In native instruments battery you get about 20gb of drum samples and a lot of drum loops to pick a part and such.
It was very easy to install you just click install and it does it all and puts it into the vst folder.
I personally use fl studio and I like the drum sequencer on there so I just dragged all the samples from battery and placed them in the side bar so I could add them whenever without the use of the vst that comes with battery, that is just the way I did it anyway and I find it a lot easier as I dislike the drum sampler vsts that are around.


The samples in native instruments battery are pretty amazing, the amount of time it must have took to produce all of them would have taken ages.
There are standard drum kits acoustic style all the way to highly synthetic glitch kits and even real life samples of hammers hitting wood and glass breaking. It is truly unbelievable that this pack was put together so well.
I produce a lot of dubstep and putting random samples of glass breaking and glitch samples into a track really gives some extra spice to your tracks in my opinion anyway.


I dislike the amount of memory it takes up on my HDD.
I love every single sample, from the Chinese gongs to the glitch packs.
I have always had a lot of drum samples and I still use other kick drums that I have made but for snares and all other forms of percussion they are absolutely fantastic.
Sound quality is perfect as you would expect for Native Instruments.
Value for price is decent but as I say most of the time... I would like it to be cheaper.
I would definitely pick this up again if for some reason I had to.