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Akai Professional S6000

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  • Fabricant : Akai Professional
  • Modèle : S6000
  • Catégorie : Sampleur
  • Fiche créée le : 01/04/2002
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• Unique removable screen panel allows you to place the S6000 functionality away from the rack and into your work area.

• 128-voice polyphony on the S6000 and 64-voice polyphony (expandable to 128) on the S5000.

• Expandable to 256Mbytes using SIMMs.

• 16 outputs configurable as 8 x stereo pairs or 16 individual mono outs (S5000 has 8 outputs expandable to 16).
• Optional ADAT™ digital audio interface giving 16 digital outputs

• Optional USB interface (S56USB) for fast transferts & edition.

• 320 x 240 backlit LCD.

• 44.1kHz/48kHz sampling frequencies.

• 18-bit stereo ADCs with 64 x oversampling 5th order Delta Sigma

• 20-bit DACs with 128 x oversampling Delta Sigma with 8 x digital filter on all outputs.

• SPDIF or AES/EBU digital I/O on balanced jacks or optical.

• EB20 4-channel 20-bit multi-effects processor (optional on S5000).

• PS2 QWERTY keyboard input for easy naming.

• 2 x MIDI IN/OUT/THRU for 32-channel multitimbral operation.

• 2 x SCSI ports for easy connection to disk drives.

• Wordclock input allows you to easily integrate the S5000 and S6000 into an all-digital environment.

• Flash ROM programmable operating system.

• .WAV sample format allows access to a huge range of sounds from PCs or the Internet.

• DOS disk format allows connection of the sampler’s disk drive to PCs.

• Icon based operating system and GUI (graphical user interface).

• Virtual Sample function allows you to play long samples direct from disk within a program for easy integration of disk recordings in a multi timbral environment

• 26 powerful resonant filter types.

• 2 x Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) each offering 9 control waveforms.

• 2 x hardware ADSR envelope generators allow ultra fast and accurate shaping of sounds.

• A multi-stage auxiliary envelope can be used to create more complex envelope shapes.

• Assignable Program Modulation allows you to route the LFOs, envelope generators, MIDI controllers, etc., to up to 17 different destinations - you can even route controllers to controllers!

• Stereo phase coherent timestretch sample processing.

• New off-line stereo pitch shift and BPM matching sample editing algorithms.

• 3-band off-line digital EQ.

• New QUICKLOAD functions allow you to get sounds into the sampler quickly and easily.

• Icon based DISK system makes navigation simple. Sounds are stored in folders and folders can contain further sub-folders for efficient organisation of sound library.

• Responds to channel or polyphonic aftertouch.

• Compatible with S1000 and S3000 series samplers


And much, much more....

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