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Avis de FP User - Ensoniq EPS

I wish it would have had a chopper and fx on board. Tho they added this on future updates of this board I thought that would have been a obvious choice to put on this one. I also wish it would have had dedicated sequencer and sample times instead of combining the 2. Granted in todays day and age we can hook it to a computer and knock out both of those issues but I wonder what they did about it back in the day.

Price paid



If u read the manual its quite simple and all logical. I teamed it with Propellerheads Recycle version 2.0 and everything before that will allow u to send ur samples to the EPS via midi tho this is very buggy and slow when it works its magic. Other than that it has all the typical sampler stuff.

I didnt have to get it repaired because I only had it for a month. But it seems to have been built like a tank.


Its a vintage sampler and I love the old vintage sound of it. Its a 12bit sampler so of course its going to give u that bit of crunch sound and u can always lower the sample rate to make ur sound much more lofi. I love the sound of this machine.


I only sold it because I didnt know how to sync the midi from the board to the midi on my computer but now that Ive done so I feel like an idiot I want a new one.

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Posted by: Xabiton ( 4-, 2006)