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Pas mon préféré. - Avis Reason Studios Reason 5

There were no installation or compatibility issues getting Propeller Head's Reason 5 set-up. I don't really know whether or not the manual is clear or sufficient, but can guarantee that you will learn much more from tutorials online than the manual. Just explore and be creative with your sounds. That is to say, the general configuration, unless you are familiar with music production, is pretty complicated. The interface is set up to act like a rack of analogue audio equipment, so when you want to put on a new device you have to know where you want it routed to so it will work properly. This can be very complicated for people used to using Digital Audio Workstations. It may sound crazy but these DAWs are designed to make simpler the process of affecting a signal, removing unnecessary aspects such as wiring everything together. Yet Reason, whether it is for a vintage or professional look ends up making more difficult something that is made so much easier in other programs.


I installed Reason 5 on the computer in my school's production studio last year. I know it was a Mac and that the installation was a breeze, but unfortunately I can not remember the specifications of the configuration. The way I usually operated it was by using it as a ReWire application in either Ableton or Logic, which worked like a charm. I used this plug-in for around three months, getting to a point where I was very confident with the sounds I was making. Then I discovered Massive and FM8 and Absynth and kind of forgot about Reason. Honestly I think it was totally worth it to let it go - the experience I've had designing sounds in Massive et. al has been far superior to what I experienced working with Reason.


Overall Propeller Head's Reason 5 is a good piece of software, sure, and it can work as a stand-alone DAW. If the configuration is what you're looking for, ie you don't mind a challenge, I say go for it. As long as you give it the time and find that you are producing the sounds you want to, why not. It just wasn't the best choice for me, and I have found much better alternatives since.