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Le seul programme dont vous aurez besoin pour la production musicale - Avis Reason Studios Reason 5

Reason has always been one of my favorite applications to use when it comes to music production. It's the only application that has made me put my akai mpc in the closet. The manual is very detailed and easy to follow. It goes through each instrument and it's function and it comes in more than 1 language (this is important to me at least)

like most software music production applications Reason automatically configures finding your sound card. You will have to point it to your midi device and or audio device if your device is an interface of some sort but other than that everything auto configured for you and ready to go.


Reason is probably one of the most stable application on the market because everything you need to make music is right there in the box. There are no need for VST or AU plugins (which are mixing tools and or more sounds). If you need 3 drum machines then load up 3 if you need different synth sounds then create new synths sounds (or download more free or purchased). I've been using Reason for about 6-7 years. I've never had the program crash on me which is something I wish I could say about other music production applications but sadly I can't.

If you need more complex mixing configurations you can create them yourself you can make sure your music sound as dynamic as you need it without the need or use of third party applications.


Reason's sound quality is determined by the user. Some people claim reason doesn't sound professional truth is the user doesn't sound professional. Reason only sounds as good as the user makes it, you get out what you put in.

What I like most about Reason is the fact that everything I need for a composition is already supplied in the program and I can sound design with this application as well.

I love stacking multiple EQs and Compressors together when crafting my sounds and my system doesn't bog down as it does (when i stack) using plugins.

One thing I do not like about Reason is the fact that they haven't (and more than likely wont) incorporate Recycle as unit (which they should) it would make sampling and manipulating rex files soo much easier.

I've used other software applications but Reason is an app that sits well for me. If I had to minimize my current setup today I would work with a laptop, Reason some headphones and a small midi controller. This would give me the most flexibility when it comes to music production