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améliorer - Avis Ableton Live 8 Suite

Ableton Live 8.2 is the most recent version of Ableton Live. I have been using Ableton for years and I always upgrade when they come out with a new one. You can purchase this brand new if you are not coming from a previous version for 400 bucks which is a steal for everything you are getting with it. You will have a full production studio and workstation at your finger tips. Ableton live 8.2. is great for live performances too.


Setting it up was very quick on my Windows Vista PC. It only took a few minutes but there are not many changes from the previous version. The drivers are very stable and they always have been with Ableton Live. They update the drivers often and make sure they do what they can to keep this software running perfectly for all users on any computer Mac or PC.


The sound you get out of Ableton 8.2 is fully up to you. If you are using it for studio purposes then you will love the sequencer and how easy it is to work with other plug ins and software from other providers via rewire. Abelton 8.2 runs great as a host or in another DAW. There are so many uses for it, and if you are new to using it you will have everything you need to get your ideas out fast.
Most of the plug ins and sounds that come with it are not very good though. You will still need to invest some money into some good quality VST plug ins and some good drum packs. All of the sounds that come with Ableton 8.2 are very basic most like they are in any other programs stock sounds. I am happy that I have upgraded Ableton to 8.2 and will continue to upgrade when they come out with newer versions. This version is not the beta version, it is on the test version either.