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Avis utilisateur

Avis de Azuma - Ableton Live 8 Suite

There weren't any kind of compatibility issues , the program works on any platform like Windows XP, Windows Seven or a MAC OS.
The book provided by the program was quite clear and you get a quite detailed and powerful understanding of the program.
General configuration and setup is easy and it doesn't require any additional tasks.


The software works correctly , fast and pro.
Regarding the functions and the performances , I must mention that all the functions and features are working on a high level , and Ableton's functions are well thought and made by Sonic Academy.


What I like most about it beside the pro design and that powerful white design , the instruments provided with the program are great , the sampler , the simpler and of course the Operator , which is a very powerful machine where you can emulate a whole specter of sounds starting from bass to drums.

I also do enjoy the way the program works , in two separate ways , either session view or arrangement view , both of them has their own purpose and use.
Another great thing about Ableton are the multi effects racks , which are very handy and high quality.

My opinion about the value of the price is great , this product included a lot of features and plugins , it has vst support , it's worth the money without a doubt.

Precision and quality of the sound is pretty perfect , the only times where Ableton lacks perfection is when it cracks , which isn't very often but still , beside that , quality and precision is 10/10.

I've tried several Daw's , Ableton has its own ways and features which makes one of the most used Daw's out there.

Knowing what I know , I would get Ableton Suite that comes to the music world with a wide variety of plugins , features and effects.