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Nouvelles versions. ! - forum Cockos Reaper 1

Version 1.860 du 26/05/2007 ...

dsy, si tu nous faisais un sujet sur le nouvel éditeur MIDI (je n'ai pas eu le temps d'ouvrir Reaper ces temps-ci)
Je viens de regarder ça, dans le MIDI editor, on peux switcher l'édition entre le mode Piano roll et MIDI event (éditeur d'événement MIDI pour les anglophobes) par le menu View (ou ALT + 1 pour Piano roll et ALT + 3 pour les MIDI events).

C'est indéniablement plus pratique pour les programs change ou autres commandes de ce type.

Par contre pour le paramètre 1, ce serait bien que le menu déroulant se modifie selon le type d'événement, là c'est pas d'une lisibilité exemplaire...
En installant le note namer plugin (https://www.cockos.c…p=83881#post83881), il est possible de faire apparaître les noms des sons à la place des notes (dans le cadre de l'utilisation d'un drum sampler, par exemple).
Il faut que le fichier .txt se trouve dans le dossier "data" de Reaper.
Les réponses doivent être ici :
REAPER v1.861 - May 28 2007

-option to show overlapping items in separate lanes (options menu)
-updated formatting of measures/beats timings (less leading zeros)
-MIDI editor: ruler time display lengths vary based on zoom level
-MIDI editor: reduced "end of midi" line width
REAPER v1.862 - June 1 2007

- fixed issue with fx automation when stopped and always run FX is on
- ReaStream: stream audio/midi between instances of REAPER on different machines via LAN
REAPER v1.864 - June 6 2007

* added action: trim items to selected area
* added actions: trim items (left/right) at cursor, fade in/out items at cursor
* ReaMote: added max. network UDP packet size, which you can reduce for switches that barf on big frames
* ReaMote: removed size limits on asio blocksized*track channel count
* ReaMote: CPU/network use optimizations
* ReaMote: latency fixes to projects that have reamote chains set but reamote disabled
* ReaStream: keeps packet sizes below 1400 even when in non-broadcast mode
REAPER v1.865 - June 7 2007

* perf meter: fixed labelling of ReaMote bandwidth use to kbps/mbps
* set fade in/out actions support setting at the edge of the items
* updated item rate display to show semitones if preserve pitch isnt set
* wavpack reading: floating point data read in is no longer clipped
* new actions: move edit cursor to mouse cursor (with and without snapping)
* new actions: tweak item rate by ~6% and ~0.6%, adjusting item length (preserves snap offset alignment)
* new actions: adjust master playrate by 6% and 0.6%, set to 1.0, apply to BPM
* midi editor: updated event detection logic for overlapping notes
* fixed some snap offset updating when alt+dragging edges of items
* fixed vol/pan envelopes sometimes running when stopped and monitoring inputs

REAPER v1.866 - June 14 2007

* peak cache flushing on actions for item rate changing
* cancelling peak building dialog now properly closes peaks
* improved peak getter refreshing logic to avoid superfluous reopenings
* ReaEQ: fixed issues with flip all bands not updating dsp state
* fixed text display of markers that start right before regions
* midi editor: pasting midi events now advances edit cursor
* winamp vis support: fix to stereo data generation
* support for opening EDL TXT, ninjam clipsort.log, etc from command line
* added action: view: clear all peak indicators
* added option (prefs/general/advanced) to restrict REAPER on selected CPU(s)
* added option (prefs/general/advanced) to disallow the OS load balancing worker threads
* autobackup/backup on save options now save to .rpp-bak instead of .rpp.bak
* new installs now default to "run fx when stopped" for the tons of VSTis that require it
* options in prefs/appearance to set VU meter ranges, as well as set clip indicator behavior
* JS size optimizations
* Updated splash screen and icons, added icons for peaks files (thanks, WhiteTie!)

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