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Nouvelles versions. ! - forum Cockos Reaper 1

:oo: Génial les amis!!!! Mais jusqu'ou vont -ils aller chez Cockos.....J'ai pris une licence et franchement je ne regrette pas car ils sont :furieux: dans cette boutique!!!
Bienvenue !

Juste une question... (J'aime me renseigner au niveau des sequenseurs). J'ai Energy qu'est ce que pourrait m'apporté Reaper? Il y a quelques failles à Energy surtout au niveau du metronome et au niveau des changement de signatures rythmiques(surtout avec Jamstix...).
REAPER v1.867 - June 18 2007

. midi paste moves edit cursor in main window
. fixed undocked transport issues when in big window frame mode
. fixed midi editor when in big window frame mode (added icon too)
. improved logo display in the about box
. fixed a ruler display bug at certain zoom levels in M:B+M:S mode
. updated some text of overwrite confirmation boxes and other warnings
. added actions to select/toggle selection of items under mouse cursor
. minimizing reaper no longer has windows reduce working set (less glitches)
. video: sped up peak building
. video: fixed lots of playback/sync bugs

REAPER v1.868 - June 20 2007

* "select items under mouse" sets last touched track
* fixed display bugs in recent projects and project template list
* video: made video decoding faster and more compatible with various codecs
* slightly more aggressive file reading (good for higher block sizes)
* made ruler/tracks filter mouse for loop selections, to reduce accidental changes
* changed z ordering of loop selection over items in tracks, added option for old behavior:
* (prefs/editing/mouse): "allow modifying edges of loop selection over items in tracks"

Citation : * "select items under mouse" sets last touched track

Vous savez ce que c'est, ce truc ?
REAPER V1.869 - June 27 2007

+ fixed bug in mouse handscrolling
+ fixed keyboard focus after removing all fx in fx chain
+ disabled ctrl+drag items creating dupes when item positions are locked
+ ruler: numbers are not shown on regions if region too small
+ VST: native shell-VST support (i.e. waves)
+ VST: support for plug-ins that require audioMasterGetNumAutomatableParameters
+ VST: fix for VSTs that didnt set their child to WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT
+ VST: fix for mono vsts that still write to stereo outputs
+ VST: fix for plug-ins that require effEditGetRect before effEditOpen (waves SSL)
+ Updated track panel rendering architecture (for mac improvements as well as future skinnability)

REAPER v1.870 - June 28 2007

+ transport: when paused play button stays lit
+ transport: improved spacing/sizing of buttons
+ updated spacing of buttons on track/mixer panels
+ fixed linear timecode generator burst problem
+ more internal drawing engine updates
+ improved autostop at end of project behavior
+ VST: fixed generic UI munch with large numbers of parameters and automation
+ VST: fix for EmulatorX (waves fix had broken it)

Bigre !
De grosses évolutions du côté de l'apparence graphique : Reaper se prépare à devenir skinnable, à la manière d'un EnergyXT 1.4 :)

Donc la version 1.872 est disponible à l'adresse habituelle :

REAPER v1.872 - July 3 2007
Download: 2.2 MB installer

* preliminary advanced icon theming support (see forums for more info)
* transport: options to disable text status, hide playrate control, center everything
* transport: can now show measures/beats with minutes/seconds
* transport: added playback speed/rate
* navigator: right click zoom updates, better custom color support
* docker: closing undocked docker hides it, better startup displaying, fixed resizing bug
* master track is now selectable/gangable/etc
* master mixer channel overhaul (now supports gradient and more)
* installer overhaul (installer settings are stored in reaper-install.ini)
* master meter: closing audio devices flushes peaks
* master meter: better master meter (separate scale for RMS if offset, better use of space)
* master meter: bottom display shows current RMS
* scrollbars are now scaled according to the scale value option
* colorthemes can now choose colors for empty space in mixer, track panel view
* toolbar improvements (autoarranging and sizing of icons, prep for user configurable toolbar)
* option to tint custom colored track item backgrounds
* option to copy imported media to project directory (or configured default path) (prefs/media)
* mode to prompt for how to insert multiple media items
* midi editor: ESC now properly closes undocked MIDI editors
* optional fx renderahead on tracks with midi editors open (better multiprocessing support in these instances)
* fix for reading floating point numbers from projects that have a decimal , instead of .
* switched reaper.exe back to static standard library to avoid msvcrt issues (number formatting among others)
* main window minimized state is no longer saved across instances
* reafir: switched to internal functions for antialiased line drawing
* reafir: fixed analysis refresh rate during mouseovers

Et, déjà, une première mouture d'une skin par WHite Tie :

chopez là ici :
ça sent plutot bon ça! c'est vraiment dommage que l'edition midi soit toujours un peu penible, et que l'on ait pas acces aux effets directement depuis le sequenceur...

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