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Nouvelles versions. ! - forum Cockos Reaper 1

Reaper v1,41 :

Pour une liste de tout ce que Reaper sait faire :

et... une nouvelle version sort en moyenne tous les 2 jours !

Le manuel en ligne :
V1,42 en ligne : avec une nouvelle fonction "glue" (bounce).
V1,49 en ligne...
mais je suis tout seul ici.

Citation : je suis tout seul ici.

A présent, tu ne l'es plus ;)

Trop fort ce soft pour utiliser Ableton Live dans NINJAM !

Par ailleurs, il en est à présent à la version 1.52
1.53 sortie aujourd'hui!
Une version chaque jour... ;)

REAPER 1.57 is available, with the following updates:
+ project setting to attach items/markers/etc to beats rather than time
+ fixed some split/resize issues on midi events with tempo envelopes active
+ ruler: larger ruler, smaller marker shapes, more rows, etc
+ track editing tooltips for fades/snap offsets/etc use current time display mode
+ track editing tooltips can show both beats/time if ruler is set to that mode
+ bigclock startup paint fix
+ splash screen fade (w2k/xp only)

+ big clock: can set time units independent of project
+ big clock: drawing optimizations, fixes
+ improved midi input accuracy

+ virtual midi keyboard, activate with Alt+B. keys/mouse to send notes to tracks that use it as input
+ big clock window (alt+C)
+ midi editor: ctrl+drag to copy midi events
+ midi editor: S splits midi events at edit cursor
+ midi editor: shift+arrows move edit cursor/note, I inserts note at cursor
+ midi editor: numpad keys to move edit cursor/note, drop notes
+ midi editor: note properties shortcut is now Ctrl+F2
+ midi editor: F1-F12 and Shift+F1-F12 are now used for step sequencing (offset
from current note, shift for no advance of cursor)
+ midi editor: shift+S splits items under mouse
+ fixed dock tab mouse hit accuracy errors
+ Added Akoustic Matrix icon theme
+ possible fix for bugs assigning actions to numpad keys
+ update: midi editor: shift+s snaps to grid
+ update: fixed bug when editing far past extent of project

+ tab to transient, shift tab to previous transient in selected items
+ zoom default action now does auto play vs edit cursor, depending on what was last modified
+ set loop start/end points with { and } now use edit cursor if it was last moved
+ split items/insert marker use play/edit cursors
+ split items doesnt disable scrolling

+ fx chain: fixed track buttons updating on move item
+ fx chain: fixed cursor when alt is held on drag for move to new track
+ better behavior with ctrl+alt hotkeys for solo/mute
+ fixed empty space below tracks paint bug

+ fixed recording midi items not updating track undo state
+ better handling of audio drivers that give error boxes (no reopening)
+ mac preview version available on the forums

+ FX window handles JS fx chains better, also doesnt eat A when in FX dialogs
+ floating FX windows passes keys to main
+ new JS: Superpitch pitch shifter
+ fixed bug loading empty js effect lists from projects
+ better trackview doublebuffer bitmap management
+ docker has variable sized buttons, and a little menu button
+ midi editor: removed flicker on piano keys
+ midi editor: option to show note names on notes
+ midi editor: better playcursor behavior on project loop
+ midi editor: shows midi event names, better dock titling
+ midi editor: tweaked midi editor edit cursor behavior (only seeks when clicking ruler, etc)
+ bonus: fixed midi editor selected item left edge resizing, item drawing bug
+ bonus: fixed envelope tooltip tracking

+ better handling of unattached docker with keyboard
+ better docker keyboard focus setting
+ routing/undo/fx windows pass F* key and ctrl or alt accelerators through
+ cleaned up some track rendering doublebuffering code
+ midi editor now passes through F* key and ctrl/alt accelerators that aren't already used by the MIDI editor
+ removed grid flicker below tracks when changing loop selection, etc
+ bonus: fixed alt+drag of fx items to move to other track
+ bonus: changed default action for item doubleclick to open in editor
+ bonus: tooltip on loop selection length shows estimated bpm

+ enabled keyboard shortcuts in cpu meter
+ enabled alt+ and ctrl+ keyboard shortcuts in the media explorer
+ enabled keyboard shortcuts in the video window
+ changed some fx window shortcuts, added actions for select all fx, toggle selected fx bypass
+ fx windows/fx add window pass through more shortcuts (including space) to the main window
+ to use the space key in FX plug-ins, use Shift+Space
+ more JS internal updates (OS X is fully supported on both x86 and PPC), fixed FFT bounds checking bug (T,MP!)
+ update: fixed excess redraws of track edit view on mouse movement (FO,MP!)

+ fix for undo on moved items with attached envelopes (T,MP!)
+ fixed view errantly scrolling when mouse gets near edge (FO,MP)
+ internal file copy/media conversion cleanups (T,MP!)
+ user abort for save as with copy works properly now (T,MP!)
+ better error/abort handling for apply fx, open copy, etc (T,MP!)
+ Updated JS internals for OS X support

+ option in prefs and peaks build box to not show peaks building status window
+ peaks building automatically pauses itself when recording
+ updated to latest Ogg Vorbis libraries
+ changed "normalize multiple items" to 'normalize items (common gain)"
+ fix for control-drag plugin in single fx window mode
+ reafir: fix for crash using opengl on some video cards
+ reafir: fixed latent samples in buffer after stop
+ VSTi don't-reinit synth on stop option (good for LiveTweaker, might be OK all around)
+ VST: excess mainschange reduction
+ updated SStillwell's EQ FX with LOSER's anti-denorm fixes
+ updated JS chorus FX and delay_chorus with interpolation for better quality
+ Ozzifier now has less clicks, interpolation
+ latest Akoustic colortheme and updated current themes
+ [2pm update]: fixed a bunch of item context menu not working stuff

+ fixed undo state bug on item move with ripple all and markers
+ fixed undo state bug on fx automation envelope edits (T,MP)
+ fixed undo state bug on misc item insert (T,MP)
+ EDL TXT reading: fixed random failures bug (T,MP)
+ revamped snap/grid settings dialog
+ added optional dotted grid lines
+ midi editor: fixed bug zooming at note 127
+ midi editor: improvements to last velocity tracking
+ reafir: added hardware accelerated line antialiasing (requires OpenGL)
+ new terminology: (T,MP) = Thanks, Mac Port

(SOURCE: Reaper)
Est-ce qu'il ya une fonction freeze ?
Je suis allé sur leur forum et en effet il n'y pas de fonction freeze, mais elle est prévue pour les prochains mois. En tout cas ce soft m'attire beaucoup, là je suis en plein tests de plein de séquenceurs, et en prenant en compte le rapport qualité/prix comparé à mes besoins c'est peut-être le plus intéressant.

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