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Avis utilisateur

Avis de afterglow479 - Cockos Reaper 2

This program is great! Just wanted to say that first. It installs with no problem. You can download the installer for free from Cockos' website. I had no compatibility issues with my system. The configuration goes fairly in depth, but if you don't care that much about optimizing your software perfectly, it doesn't need to get very complicated. The manual is provided digitally, and is extremely thorough. Even though this program is free, you are not getting short changed on the quality of the program and documentation.


I have my own custom built system. It's an intel motherboard and dual core processor, with 4GB of RAM and plenty of hard drive space. I also run Windows XP for my operating system. Reaper works great on my computer. It very rarely gets sluggish unless I am really using a ridiculous amount of plug-ins. Reaper itself has a small memory footprint, and seems to be coded very efficiently. It is also very stable. It does crash from time to time just like any audio program will, but it is a small amount when compared to some of its big name competitors.


I have been using Reaper for the past couple years when I switched away from Cakewalk's Sonar. Sonar was also great, but I felt that Reaper was just as good, and it's free! Obviously my favorite thing about it is the price, but the workflow and general layout design of the interface is very intuitive and easy to learn. It is also becoming more widely supported by third party plug-in developers as time goes. Beyond that, almost every VST plug-in I have tried to use with Reaper has worked, and in most cases when there is a problem, it is something that you can deal with like a graphical error. Cockos also includes some high quality plug-ins of their own design to get you started with a good collection if you are new to digital audio. The value is amazing, considering the price of $0. I plan to keep using Reaper for the foreseeable future.