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Fractal Audio Systems AX8

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  • Fabricant : Fractal Audio Systems
  • Modèle : AX8
  • Catégorie : Simulateur d'amplis//baffles guitare en pédale
  • Fiche créée le : 21/10/2015
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The new AX8 is an all-in-one Amp Modeler + Multi-Effects Pedalboard. It features many of the same leading-edge technologies utilized in our flagship Axe-Fx II processor at a fantastic price. Quantum Amp Modeling gives the AX8 over 220 exquisitely modeled, amps that recreate the incredible nuanced tone and feel of real tube amps: sparkling cleans, elusive “edge of breakup” tones, and everything from warm, touch-sensitive overdrive to face-melting distortion. Ultra-Res™ Speaker Simulations offer a range of cab tones, with 130+ “Factory” cabs, plus 512 “User Cab” memories to store entries from our celebrated Cab Packs. Add to this a stunning selection of effects featuring our state-of-the-art algorithms: dazzling G3™ drive pedals, HD reverbs, compressors, delays, EQ, chorus, phaser, flanger, rotary, tremolo, pitch shifting, wah, and many more. Above all, the AX8 sounds great, with a pristine, high-quality signal path and the signal processing power that makes Fractal Audio Systems the industry standard for today's most discriminating professional guitarists.

The AX8 is “built-like-a-tank” to be road-worthy and reliable. It sports a signature black steel chassis and aircraft aluminum end-panels, a convenient top handle/guard, and eleven quiet, durable solid-state stomp switches with no mechanical contacts to fail.

Hands-on editing has never been easier than on the AX8. Dedicated LED-ring knobs give direct access to eight “must-have” amp controls: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Depth, Master and Level. Add to this five additional “soft knobs” beneath a brilliant LCD display, six buttons including SHIFT for extra functions, front-panel LED meters/indicators, 27 LEDs in three colors, and dedicated knobs for output levels.

The back panel contains an instrument input with Fractal Audio’s signature “Secret Sauce” circuitry, stereo main outputs with XLR, ¼” Humbuster™ and SPDIF out, plus a stereo-in/stereo-out effects loop which can also be repurposed as a utility input or output. This allows the AX8 to output “cab sim” signal to “front of house” while simultaneously addressing a power amp and real guitar speakers for on-stage “backline”. USB, MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports round out the set. Above all, the AX8 features an extremely high-quality signal path to deliver ultra-low noise and pristine sound.

The effects of the AX8 offer “XY” switching, giving them two completely different sound settings from a single block instance. For example, you might equip an an AMP block with “Deluxe Tweed” and “Plexi 50W” channels, or toggle a reverb between “spring” and “hall” sounds.

“Stompbox Mode” gives you traditional effect switching, while three assignable “Function” footswitches let you change modes or access other AX8 features.

There are 512 preset memories based on our now-familiar “4x12” layout grid, with eight easy-access “SCENES” per preset to engage pre-defined groups of effects, switch XY, adjust levels, and more.

Our fantastically flexible “modifier” system enables easy real-time sound changes. You can plug four switches or expression pedals (like the Fractal EV-1) into the onboard jacks to control Wah, Whammy, Volume, or virtually anything else, or utilize MIDI or onboard controllers to make sound changes.

A precision full-screen tuner, two global equalizers and a convenient Tap Tempo function are also built-in. AX8-EDIT, a full-featured software editor, is available for free.

The AX8 is also fully compatible with Fractal-Bot for preset sharing, easy backup and restore, plus firmware updates in the tradition of continual improvement that has become as much a hallmark of Fractal Audio Systems as the quality and sound of the products.

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