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Avis de FP User - Tascam SX 1

Everything is great. i can't say much, besides everything's great.

$1,150 CDN


Although the unit is a little overwhelming at first, some time spent with the manual can clear up the cobwebs in no time. the manual itself is in depth but the layout of it is a little confusing. it just needs better organization. the extra "quick start tutorial" included is a joke though, it's unecessary and really only explains half of everything.

very rugged and sturdy design. the entire body of it is made of metal, no plastic structure at all. it is definately robust enough to use at a gig, buttons are well laid out, all knobs and buttons have GREAT action for live performance, however, those wonderful little vacuum tubes seem a little fragile for a lot of transport. all in all, the unit is built like an olympic athlete / supermodel: tough, purposeful, and friggin' GORGEOUS.


Phat and warm sound. many boast, but korg's valve force technology with real vaccuum tubes actually does warm up that digital sound. the effects are stellar, but the reverb could use some other settings; as it stands, only the decay time and wet/dry mix can me modified. this is no biggy, however, as a more advanced reverb can be applied in your mixdown to protools or other sequencing programs. the clarity of sampling is nice, 44.1 khz, no complaints at all.


I couldn't be happier with the SX-1. many samplers may boast "the new classic of samplers/drum machines" but the SX-1 could definately fill that role. it is a integral part of my studio and will be for years to come, i'm sure.

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Posted by: Unknown (January 2-, 2003)