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vs DAW - Avis Tascam DP-32

The DP-32 is a portable studio that is ready to go with you wherever you need it to be. You don’t even have to have a computer to make a complete song. When I say complete I mean all way down to burning it to a CD. The Tascam DP-32 has a built in disk drive that will allow you to burn what you have just recorded right to a CD when you are complete. It has a 32 track playback and you can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously. The sampling rat is 44.1 kHz with a bit depth of 16 and 24.


All of the main functions of this model are not hard to understand and you probably won’t need a manual to learn how to operate it, but it could take some time getting use to it if you are coming from a software type of DAW. You can pretty much do all of the same things that you can do with your DAW but it will be a litter different since there is not a big screen in front of you with a bunch of menus and help pop ups.


You can use this for any style of music, just like you would a DAW. You can get some really good and clean recordings with it and even do some decent on the spot mixing with it. This portable studio is very quiet with no hissing but it can get very hot if left on for a long time.


The thing about the DP-32 that I don’t like is the screen, I like to have a bigger screen when I am working my songs and mixing. The screen on this unit is very small and almost impossible to do what you need to do with it. Also this unit is made to be a full portable studio, but so is a computer and Pro Tools. So which one would you rather carry around, a full unit weighing 5 times as much as a laptop or just a MacBook? It is just much easier to go the DAW route than to purchase this, 7 to 10 years ago this would have been a must have. But today there is no need for a unit like this anymore.