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Il a quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités - Avis Denon DJ SC3900

Using the Denon DJ SC3900 was a decent experience for me and there are not too many negative things that I can say about it except for the price. I am not happy with the price tag by Denon. Most of all the equipment that they make is very well built but its just not as good as some of its competitors and I think they should take the price down a little bit to make it more appealing. The Denon DJ SC 3900 come with a music management software that can really help you out with getting your music in order for your set. They have implemented a “file share” network with the new Denon’s where you can now share your files between other users whether they are using the SC3900 or not, but if they don’t have the 3900 then they have to have a compatible model (which most of the new Denon DJ systems are compatible). This new feature isn’t a feature that will make you run out and buy the SC3900 but it is a pretty cool feature if you are around other DJ’s that use the newer Denon models. You can now play your stuff directly from the USB hub with the new “USB playback” options. Denon now has an iPad app that will allow you to use your iPad to control your stuff via wireless , which can come in handy because you will be able to do it on the iPad’s large touch screen and then you will not even have to touch the Denon DJ SC3900 at all. All you have to do is download the app from the Itunes App Store and it is very easy to set it up and start using it. I have tried many other models from Denon but the SC 3900 is my favorite one that they have recently come out with. It is a good investment with a lot of cool features.