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Avis utilisateur

Assurez-vous que votre ordinateur peut le supporter - Avis Numark NS6

The Numark NS6 is a DJ Controller and Mixer that is very versatile. I have not seen many similar consoles that can do everything the NS6 can do, and do it fluidly. Using the mixer is very easy, it comes with a software called Serato which could take some time to understand if you have not used I before. The software appears to be very stable so far and has not presented any issues. It only takes a few minutes to set up the whole system and sync the software with the hardware and you will be up and running in no time. The mixer has 2 microphone inputs and 2 inputs for turntables. The main controls on the deck are beat grid, pitch control, instant looping, hot cues and key lock. One thing about the Numark NS6 is that you will learn to use it very quickly if you are new to using these types of consoles.

The wheels on the Numark NS6 are based off of another Numark model, the V7. I was very familiar with the V7 and the NS7 before getting the NS6, they where pretty much the reason why I ended up getting the Numark NS6. The Mixing unit seems to be pretty well built. I think this mixing console will last a long time as long as you are not too harsh on it. With the price of the NS6 being almost a thousand dollars, you really don’t want to take a chance with banging it around too much.

All of the deck controls are very good and are better than previous models from Numark, they have made small changes to the NS6 but those changes make a major difference.
You will need a solid computer when running this set up, preferably with a Pentium processor, try to stay away from AMD processors because I have heard some bad things about using the Numark NS6 with them. If you have a solid computer then this set up is for you. Read your computer specs before you purchase.