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Pas très bon pour les clubs - Avis Avid Artist Mix

The Avid Artist Mix is a control surface that has 8 touch sensitive faders that are all motorized. There are also rotary encoders and all buttons can be programmed with your DAW software. This control surface is compatible with Mac and PC computers and it is easy to operate and set up. My first time using this unit was back in October of 2011 and I was very impressed with how well it was made. All of the faders seemed to be made well and the whole unit has a solid feel and construction to it. There is also a footswitch input but there are no transport controls on this unit. There are a total of 63 soft keys that can all be programmed to what you want them to work with inside your DAW. I have used this unit with about 4 different DAW programs and it has worked great in each one of them.
I have used the Avid Artist control, The Avid Artist Color and a few other Avid similar modules and all of them (including the Artist Mix) are very easy to set up and use. Avid also has very good customer service too! There is a high resolution 128 x 64 pixel OLED display that easily shows the track number and the track name.
Working with this unit has made some of my work a lot easier but I really didn’t think it was more of a performance style unit. In a live setting this unit was really no use to me, since I am a full time DJ and a part time musician I really needed this unit to perform in a club setting which it really didn’t work for me because I have used so many other units that have bigger and better LED buttons to work with. This unit is great for a studio use in my opinion. I also recommend checking out the Artist Color from Avid too, it is a really good and useful unit as well.