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I think the "Micro" is underrated. It doesn't feel like a 1 OSC synthesizer... I think it is due to the routing otions combined with the "modes" of the filter. I am still exploring the system, but basically the OSC shape can modulate the filter (off, weak, strong), which itself can self-oscillate and generate tones. When you tweak these, it appears as if you are dialing an infinite number of very different Oscillator waveforms. It is not a 4 OSC monster, but it is a GREAT 1 OSC synthesizer.

Price paid: $450 USD


Everything is at your finger tips, there is no hidden menu.

For a 30 year old beast, it is quite durable - HOWEVER this is an analog synth: it WILL "behave" a bit crazy from time to time...


Its sound is full, thick, warm, and amazing... Old synths are definitely *alive* my friends. Within a few minutes I had programmed a HUGE bass drum, hi hats, snare, sampled them in my AKAI MPC1000 and recorded a sequence. Then I dialed a super fat bass and played along... I was blown away by the richness. My 2 year old son and I made a Volcano sound this morning ("cano" as he says). It sounded awesome as if the lava was bubbling. He shouted "ohh CANOOOO!" while tapping the keys. I also put together a full song, from drums to deep bass, to lead and FX, with "just" the Micromoog, sequencing snippets of phrases played live on the Micro... Basically I feel 100 times more inspired when I create a patch on this thing than on all the VA, DSP, or VST synths I've used in the past. The filter has such great character and the modulation options make the whole experience very inspiring. I love it. Here are 3 sounds I recorded straight from the Micromoog. No effects or compression:


I love it.

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Posted by: mano 1 ( 6-, 2005)