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Meilleur Synth jamais inventée - Avis Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition

This synth is an analog monophonic synthesizer, which is today's version of the 1970 classic Minimoog. Back in the 1950s and 60s, the only synthesizers were known as 'modules,' which were huge walls of knobs, switches, cables, etc. Modules were very rare instruments, and only very complex recording studios had them, and some T.V. Commercial music creators used them. Bob Moog was clever enough to take all of the capabilities of modules, and put it into a small, compact box known as the Minimoog. The Minimoog was the first affordable synthesizer to the general public. The overall look of the instrument is simply stunning.


I love how the user is 100% in control. If I can think of a sound, chances are, I can create that on a Moog, or at least get extremely close. All of the knobs and switches are at your fingertips, and are ready at all times for even the slightest edits. Everything in the instrument is analog, which means real electrical circuits produce the sound, not a sound chip producing sound from a memory card like most keyboards. The Minimoog is the real deal.


The sounds are simply amazing. From hollow triangle and square waves, to raspy, 'in your face' sounds like the sawtooth and pulse, the Minimoog Voyager produces very unique, vintage sounds. The oscillators are stable, reliable to stay in tune, and produce simply a magical tone that no other synth can ever replicate.


I love this instrument, and it's the best synth to exist. Down to the very last detail about this amazing piece of machinery, the Minimoog is by far the superior king of all synths. It was very expensive, but was well worth every penny of it. You simply can't have any other synth compete with the Minimoog Voyager because the Minimoog is in a class of its own. From the oscillators, to filters, to envelopes, to modulation and LFO, every aspect of this instrument is unique in its own way, and is there to make all types of musicians all over the world create amazing music.