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Avis de FP User - Roland JUNO-60

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For a real analog synth from the pre-MIDI era, this is a very complete synth. Six voices of polyphony, simple but good arpeggiator, great 24dB LP filter with cutoff/resonance, HPF, great LFO's (which are maybe a little poor-featured), fat chorus (I think that's typical Juno), 56 patches of memory storage. And a rare bonus: the pitch wheel/filter as well as the manual lfo control. Minor point: lack of several oscillators: only 1 DCO (triangle/square with pulse width/square with suboscillator) per voice.

$295 (Kenton MIDI retrofit kit included !!)


Piece of cake. The user manual is very clear; even for analog modelling newbies: the whole stuff is well explained and there is an addendum with lots of basic exemples. The synth's front panel is built as simple as possible; if you know the very basic analog sound modelling principles, you can go your way immediately and tweak that knobs !!

This is a robust synth, the only things to be careful with are the wooden side panels (scratch-sensitive !!). The buttons are very solid and have no intention to break at all. No cracklings caused by dust up till now. Haven't contacted the customer support yet, so can't give info about that.


One word: GREAT !! All kind of analog sounds are great; from very fat to very deep basses and subbasses, nice spacey strings/pads, fat analog leads, clean to dirty organ sounds, trance arpeggio's, ... This machine can be used for every kind of electronic music: from trance over techno to dnb; from triphop over rnb to hiphop.


I like it very much. A real fat analog synth with great filter and great sounds. F.y.i: the Juno has been used by Enya, The Cure, Sean Lennon, Faithless, Astral Projection, Vince Clarke, Rabbit in the Moon, Olive, Dee-Lite, ... (info from

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Posted by: Unknown ( 7-, 2002)