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Blinksonic° Cataliz°

Blinksonic° Cataliz°

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  • Fabricant : Blinksonic°
  • Modèle : Cataliz°
  • Catégorie : Synthé virtuel granulaire
  • Fiche créée le : 18/04/2019
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– 2 sample engines (Grain Cloud and Beat Looper) based on Table Framework.
– Granular engine with control of the position, density, length, pitch, reverse mode, ADSR envelope, 4 jitters modulation.
– Beatlooper engine with control of the position, length, transpose, offset, slice size, warp speed
– XY pad controller with inertia level to control velocity of the cursor movement and note generator on click
– Notes and modulations recorder on 64 steps (self sequenced instrument)
– 9 banks with up to 99 sounds (1,3 giga of sounds) + 1 user bank.
– Drop your own samples.
– 6 sample selectors – 1 for the current selection + 5 additionals that work in RND and FFW modes ( sample changes according the selection on each incoming gate events)
– Resochord with 20 switchable presets, pitch/fine tuning and feedback commands. Chords pitch can also be controlled by midi.
– Space reverb with 6 types (Small Room to Endless)
– Stereo/Binaural/Doppler effect with XY pad to control the imaging + inertia level and position recorder
– Filter bank (Modal synthesis) with LFO + frequency control via keyboard
– Pump Compressor and Brickwall Limiter

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