New in version 3.1.3
Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
Receive MPE MIDI dimensions (X/Y/Z) pitchbend, aftertouch (freely assignable) and brightness / timbre (freely assignable) form supported controllers (e.g. ROLI Seaboard Block, ...) for highly expressive control options
New modulation Sources for MPE Timbre (MinMax, Min, Max)
Major UI update
New UI theme: Dark - we like it so much that we made it the new default for Vaporizer2
Polyphonic real-time visualization of parameter modulations around modulatable knobs
Polyphonic real-time visualization of modulation matrix curve values in the matrix section
Polyphonic real-time visualization of wavetable position in wavertable perspective display
Choose GUI font size - normal, smaller, larger
Several fixes, beautifications and CPU/performance improvements in the GUI

New in version: 3.1.2 (August 28th 2020)
Improved Windows installer that allows to change folders for presets, wavetables and noises and it stores the selection for later updates
Installer now detects CPU support for SSE2 / AVX vector extensions and suggests installation option
New standard licensing system based on serial numbers (all existing licenses remain untouched) - read more here and here
MIDI program change now freely definable across four banks (A-D) in the preset editor
MIDI learn also for wavetable editor GUI functions to allow wavetable editing with MIDI controllers
UI fixes in the frequency bin / harmonics editor
Stability improvements, e.g. fix for issue with Cubase 10

New in version 3.1.0:
Added AAX plugin support (for Avid ProTools) for Mac OS and Windows
New preset browser with favorites and tags management with broad rating, search and filter functions
Record wavetable editor changes into single cycles of a new wavetable
Major improvements with oscillator pitch modulation and phase modulation now capable for very fast modulations (up to ~ 2kHz)
New frequency bin edit modes: drag & shift and drag...

New in version 3.0.0
The following features were added:
Audio out oscilloscope display
Snap to zero crossings mode in wavetable editor
Major performance improvements in wavetable editor
Hotkey to toggle draw mode in wavetable editor (Shift + d)
UI improvements, maximize buttons for editor sections
Significantly improved MSEG envelopes, can now be synchronized with DAW timecode – also for loops, option to run MSEG in single mode
Added two new random drift automation sources
Significantly improved filter section (sound and CPU...