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Pro 3 - forum Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2
Sans dec.... :8O::8O::8O:
bonjour voici les specs du PRO 3 :

– Two analog, voltage-controlled oscillators
– One DSP-based digital oscillator
– Analog oscillators produce three classic wave shapes: (triangle, saw, pulse) with variable shape modulation/pulse width on each
– Digital oscillator produce 32 digital wavetables of 16 waves each with wave morphing, plus classic wave shapes (sine, triangle, saw, variable-width pulse) and super saw
– Digital oscillator 3 can function as an LFO for complex wavetable-based modulation
– White noise generator
– Hard sync, per-oscillator-glide
– 3-voice paraphonic mode with individually-gated envelopes per oscillator
– Three classic filter types
– Three syncable LFOs with phase offset and slew per LFO
– Five waveshapes: triangle, saw, reverse saw, square, and S&H
– Four ADSR envelopes with delay (Filter, VCA, and two Auxiliary envelopes)
– Envelopes freely assignable to multiple modulation destinations
– All envelopes can repeat/loop
– Tuned feedback with Grunge for extra-aggressive tonal destruction
– Programmable analog distortion

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