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Dreadbox Medusa

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  • Fabricant : Dreadbox
  • Modèle : Medusa
  • Catégorie : Synthétiseur hybride analogique/numérique
  • Fiche créée le : 11/07/2017
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  • 64 fully responsive and customizable, three-dimension expressive pads.
  • The Grid is storing 256 independent sequences and voice presets.
  • Choose any modulation parameter per pad for X and Y pressure axis.
  • Three sequencing modes: step, live and incremental.
  • Both a musical controller and sequencer fixed in one powerful Grid.
  • Sequence notes, parameter locks or even entire synth voice presets per step.
  • Advanced voice and sequence randomizer onboard.
  • All necessary Grid information is given on a crispy OLED display.
  • Customizable user menus.
  • Three synchronizable analog oscillators with the choice of four classic wave types for each of them.
  • One 24dB classic Dreadbox analog filter with three different types (2pole LP, 4pole LP, HP).
  • FM frequency modulation separately for oscillators and filter.
  • Noise generator with color shaping.
  • Three wavetable digital oscillators.
  • Three different play modes: monophonic, paraphonic x3, paraphonic x6.
  • Audio input lets you use the power of Medusa with external audio sources.
  • Second OLED screen to display all necessary synthesis data.
  • Five independent and adjustable low-frequency oscillators with an extensive pool of parameters to control.
  • Five independent, adjustable and loopable DADSR envelopes with a wide list of parameters to assign.
  • Mixer for all seven paths of independent analog, digital and noise voices.
  • Separate volume control for headphone and main audio outputs.
  • Implemented MIDI protocol with bi-directional USB and DIN input, output and through
  • All that analog and digital functionality connected in one clearly marked layout sealed in a sturdy tabletop aluminum chassis.
  • Aluminum covered knobs, informative LED buttons for the comfort of use.
  • The Grid pads made of specially designed silicone, so their ‘immaculately matched density and firmness are providing an instant and precise response.
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