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Waldorf Quantum

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  • Fabricant : Waldorf
  • Modèle : Quantum
  • Catégorie : Synthétiseur hybride analogique/numérique
  • Fiche créée le : 04/04/2017
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  • 3 Oscilators featuring:
    • Wavetable - waldorf wavetables
    • Waveform - traditional analog waveforms
    • Partical - granular sampler
    • Resonator - resonator filter bank
  • Nave synthesizer with speech and spectrum functionality built in - waveform & spectrum will display on the screen like in the app.
  • All three oscillators are freely assignable. On the original Waldorf uWave & XT, you had two oscillators that shared an assignable wavetable. On the Waldorf Q and Blofeld you had three oscillators, two freely assignable wavetable oscillators (the Q had two sub oscillators for each), and a third oscillator with more standard waveshapes.
  • Two dual analog filters. Voice inserts, inserting into the digital voice, going out to the analog, and two OTA filters for each voice that goes back into the voice.
  • Another digital former - drive, bit crusher, digital filters, etc...
  • Six envelopes - three on the panel. Envelope curves.
  • Three Digital Effects
  • Multistage envelope, glide...
  • Six LFOs
  • Touch display
  • Two layers for multi-timbral
  • Arpeggiator
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