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Blinksonic° VOZ

Blinksonic° VOZ

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Blinksonic°
  • Modèle : VOZ
  • Catégorie : Autre synthétiseur virtuel
  • Fiche créée le : 28/04/2017
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- 1520 raw audio files (around 600 Mo on disk)

- 100 snapshots

- 4 sampler engines with granular loop functions (Start/End points, Sustain loop Start/End points)

- Drop your own wave files*

- Pitch, Fine tuning parameters*

- Reverse sample playback*

- Polyphonic or Monophonic switch* 

- ADSR enveloppe*

- Selectors for the 16 banks of 99 samples*

- Random trigger mode with definable minimum and maximum range*

- Filter with 4 types (Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch)

- Stereo imager with a switchable Autopan/Tremolo*

- Compressor*

- Loop control modulation. Enable the movement of the Start/End loop points over the waveform following modulation sources*

*On each sampler engines.

- 10 effects : Pitchshifter, Ring Modulator, Vowel, Overdrive, Phaser, Freq modulation, Chorus, Bit Reducer, Delay and Reverb. 

- A minimum of 2 parameters for each effects and the ability to receive external modulations.

- Uno FX mode : Crossfade the main audio signal through one effect at time.

- 4 tracks mixer with send effect buses and mute buttons

- 4 voices pad crossfader (XY movement loop recorder)

- 3 band equalizer

- Limiter

- 2 LFOs with expressive options ( dose, random, x/speed for creating wobble modulation effects )

- XY modulation pad recorder

- Switch to external Modwheel modulation sources

- Virtual touch keyboards for playing notes with the cursor (glissando mode) 

- Latch/Hold button.

- Keyboard note range selector

- Root note and scale selector

- Midi note loop recorder ( for recording sketches and melodic phrases ideas)

- Modern graphic interface with a blurry color scope.

- NKS support

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