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Sample Magic Ableton Drum Instruments

Sample Magic Ableton Drum Instruments

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  • Fabricant : Sample Magic
  • Modèle : Ableton Drum Instruments
  • Catégorie : Autre synthétiseur virtuel
  • Fiche créée le : 26/05/2016
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Each preset comes with 8 custom macro controls for everything from sound shaping and tuning to FX processing and mixing.

Created using Ableton’s native Operator synths and audio effects


A stone-cold classic of electronic drum production given a modern Ableton twist

Pitched Percussion

A custom FM pitched synth percussion generator.

FM Cymbals

Modelled on the Roland TR-808, this cymbal instrument sounds like a noise-based generator but is in fact based on the frequency modulation of 4 square waves.

Synth Hi-Hat

Classic synth-based hi-hat instrument with controls for open/closed hats as well as pitch, spread, filtering, reverb and delay.

Synth Kick

Full-fat synth kick generator with complete control over pitching, shaping and noise parameters. No kick is off limits.

Kick Tools

Powerful kick FX processing spanning compression, reverb, EQ and delay settings. Take your kicks to another level.

Multi Drum Generator

An essential all-rounder. Craft any type of hit from the ground up - the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Random Sampler Generator

16 customer modular synth percussion sounds loaded into one drum rack that controllable randomise settings to create unique and evolving drum patterns. Additional macro controls for reverb, delay, compression and filters. 

Synth Shaker

Versatile noise-based synth shaker generator with controls for decay/release, noise blend, filtering, reverb and stereo splitting.

Synth Snare

Unique synth snare made up of four parts: the body, noise, overtone generators and a clap. Has macro controls for each plus macros for volume mixing of the individual parts. 

Synth Snare & Shaper

Additional macro controls for shaping of snare sounds including stereo split, reverb, downsampling, pitching and EQ.

Tom Synth

Classic FM-based synth tom generator which intuitively tracks MIDI to make percussive melodic patterns a breeze. Has macro controls for everything from decay/release through to FM adjustment and tuning.

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