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Une itération Grandir et le resserrement! - Avis Bogner Uberschall Revision Blue

The revision Blue Uber, though still simple, adds a few good features to the amplifier

-100 watt all tube with 4 EL-34s and 5 12AX7s
-2 channels with independent EQ
-Tube driven effects loop w/ send level control
-External Bias points
-Preamp amp mute for using external units more effectively


Dialing this amplifier in is quite simple due to its minimal features. Because of this, it is also not nearly as versatile as others heads in its price range; you either love the tone it puts out, or you look elsewhere. The dials are quite interactive, especially with the presence knob, and its effects on the other frequencies, but more on this in the ‘sound’ section. I have found that the Bogner power amp (accessed by plugging into the effects return) works GREAT for external units such as preamps- MUCH better than other amplifiers I’ve tried this with. The effects send level knob is a welcomed addition, allowing the loop to be compatible with a wider range of effects. External bias points make retubing much less of a hassle aswell!


The Revision Blue offers a few changes from the previous revisions based on general consensus of the amplifiers. The clean channel is slightly revoiced, with level bumped up to balance the two channels more easily. It is slightly brighter, but still maintains its clean characteristics. The gain structure of the blue is slightly different, with a brighter and slightly harsher response. Due to this, the amp cuts more easily in a live situation, but this is at the cost of the depth that made the prevision Revision 2 so unique. The amp tracks a little more quickly, and also lends itself to lead tones a little more easily. As with any amplifier, these things are entirely based on EQ settings, but the general tonestack of this revision makes it less hassle to obtain a lead tone.


The Revision Blue is not better or worse- it is simply different. Those that tune their guitars WAY down may like the brighter and tighter response of the amp. This does sacrifice some of the depth I was used to from my Revision 2, though the Uberschall in general has so much that you may not even miss it. I still find the Revision 2 to have a slight edge, but tone is very personal. Again, another amazing amplifier from Reinhold Bogner!