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Tout en un - Avis Diezel Einstein Head

The Diezel Einstein is an amp to be reckoned with. Sporting four distinct sounds captured perfectly between two channels, it's the versatility you'd expect from a Diezel in a simpler and more compact offering. The einstein is available in a 50 or 100 watt model. The two channels operate separate eq, gain, and master volumes, channel one having 3 selectable modes. A global presence and deep control add more shaping options. An effects loop is present although onboard reverb is only available on the combos units. The Einstein carries all the typical aesthetic cues from the Diezel line but retains an easily identifiable look amongst the line.


The Einstein's mojo is all in the three selectable modes on the amp's first channel. Switching between the clean, texas, and mega modes gives you a good tone in just about every conceivable genre of music. Having the lead sound from the second channel are merely icing on the cake. As with all diezel's, the amp sounds so pleasing in the room that the amp never begs for time based effects to sweeten any particular setting. The amp sounds spectacular at both low bedroom volumes as well as at gigging levels. I am of no mind to question the durability of the amp, the chassis feels sturdier than most other offerings.


I played through the Einstein with a Gibson Tweedy Sg. Mesa Boogie 4x12 cab. No pedals.

I couldn't really get a bad sound out of this amp. The clean mode had every positive attribute I could ascribe to a clean channel, in fact, if i had composed a checklist of everything i could have wanted from any aspect of the amp's sound-- that checklist would be completely filled in. The texas mode covered the edge-of-breakup territory splendidly. The Mega mode had more than enough gain than I'll ever need. Channel 2 ran the gambit of sweet mild overdrive to searing, screaming leads. Every sound you could want is in this amp, no questions about it.


The Diezel Einstein is the complete package. Straightforward feature set, some of the best sounds you'll ever get regardless of genre, and looks to kill. Did I mention it's built like a tank? The pricing is the only disappointment. You can score great deals on these used. I've found many around the $2200 price point, making it's closest competitor in the used market the Bogner 101b.