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Peut-être trop ambitieux - Avis Marshall JVM210H

The Marshall JVM210H is a feature packed amp. The amp is a 100 watt, el34 based design featuring 2 channels with individual Eq sections as well as separate reverb controls. The master section sports presence, resonance, and two separate master volumes. An effects loop is present. A speaker emulating xlr direct out on the back panel for recording purposes and a midi programmable foot switch top it all off. The amp lacks the classic charm of earlier Marshall amps and carries the same sloppy aesthetics that other modern Marshall amps bring to the table. Minor nitpick, as the features and sound are plenty pleasing.


The midi programmable foot switch makes recalling presets simple, and allows you to toggle on/off both master volumes. The six different modes available make the amp plenty versatile. I did not get a chance to use the silent recording out on the JVM, but the addition of this feature adds a degree a value and desirability. The amp is very loud but does not retain all that much clarity at gigging volumes.


I played through the JVM with a Gibson Flying V. Marshall 4x12 cab. No pedals.

The clean channel of the JVM is not impressive and the onboard reverb does little to hide this. I believe that with the help of some higher quality time-based effects in the loop, this channel could be passable, but it simply doesn't cut it out of the box. The mid gain sounds are useable and are very reminiscent of the JCM2000 series amplifiers. The high gain sounds, as with the JCM2000 as well, was a little over the top. You will find yourself rolling back the gain significantly to tame the harshness of the channel.


The Marshall JVM210H is an ambitious amp filled with useful feature. However, when you bring the sound quality of the amp under scrutiny, the amp falls on it's face. Pricing is not competitive, regardless of feature set. The Jcm 2000 I've tested before is nearly a quarter of the price of this amp, yet delivers much more in terms of pure sound.