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Petite annonce Vox AC50 JMI

Vend Vox AC50 de 1966 avec cabinet Bass Foundation

1 890 € Suisse Neuchâtel
The evolution of amplification follows the needs of musicians, and the history of Vox has often followed the Beatles' need to play louder.
The AC50 was the result of an effort to help the world's most popular band be heard. The first AC50s were delivered to George Harrison and John Lennon in December 64. This completely revised 1966 model comes with a Foundation bass cabinet with an 18" speaker from the same period. This model was used by Peter Green and Bill Wyman among others. This configuration sounds particularly low and deep and even though the AC50 head was first developed for the guitar this stack can also be used for the bass. It is possible to make an offer only for the head or for the cabinet and I will make you an offer for a secure shipment via UPS.

Preamp tubes: one ECC82 (12AU7), three ECC83 (12AX7)
Output tubes: two EL34s, fixed-biased
Rectifier: solidstate
Controls: Volume, Treble and Bass for each channel.
Output: nominally 50 watts RMS, but upward of 70 watts flat-out.
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