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NuRAD commercialisé à partir de Février - forum Berglund Instruments NuRAD

Berglund Instruments NuRAD

La commercialisation du NuRAD a commencé ceux que ça intéressent doivent se faire connaitre afin d'être sur la liste d'attente.

voici quelques infos et photos

Message du concepteur

Citation :
Dear EWI enthusiast,

Sooo... finally, I dare to say the NuRAD is ready! Ready enough to start building for people at least. There will be firmware updates for the stuff not quite sorted yet, like additional fingerings, configurable extra keys and improvements for the controls of functions carried over from the NuEVI. But for the hardware, I'm now pleased with the feel of it, both using with neck strap and without (with handles... those may need individual tweaks to suit player hand size, but they are malleable and should cover a decent range).

Here is some information on the NuRAD EWI and how to get it, as well as some updates for everyone.

I am just about to start producing these new EWIs, built to order in a small scale fashion. The EWIs are made available to interested parties on a first come, first serve basis. As you have contacted me previously, I am confirming that you are on my list of interested persons.

Please note that the NuRAD is handmade by me in small batches. I am making them available through my company – Berglund Instruments. These new EWIs, are built on demand for each person that orders them in the order of payment received. Current cost for the standard version NuRAD is $1195 USD plus shipping/handling ($35 from Sweden). The version with wireless MIDI (pandaMidi midiBeam built in) is $1395 USD plus shipping/handling. Sales within the EU will also have VAT (25%) on top of that (unless valid EU VAT number is provided). Payment in advance will be required in order to get into the building queue. Payments are made through PayPal or IBAN bank transfer. Payment details will be in the order invitation email that goes out when I reach your place on the waiting list.

I will be contacting people in the order they contacted me, inviting them to place an order, through a separate "NuEVI order invitation" email, so keep your eye out for that one. At that time, you will have the opportunity to purchase a NuRAD and get into the current production queue. If you are no longer interested in obtaining a NuRAD, please let me know and I will remove you from the email list.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Johan Berglund
Berglund Instruments


So, what are the specs, etc.? Well, pretty much like the NuEVI. It comes in the same colors, has the same electronics (Teensy 3.2 microcontroller, MPR121 touch sensors) and lots of hardware and firmware in common. It does come standard with a breath CV jack and the pneuBite though, that is only optional in the NuEVI. The pneuBite is based on the bite sensor of the vintage Steiner product "The Master's Touch". Instead of measuring the capacitance of two metal strips being flexed by biting, the pneuBite is a closed air pressure system. It gives a more immediate feeling when biting or bending the mouthpiece. An improvment from the Master's Touch system is the addition of a valve that serves for equalizing the pneuBite pressure to ambient pressure (needed when using bite for portamento). Fingering is standard EWI fingering at this time, but more will be added later (with priority on sax fingering). Chord play and midi rotator are features from the NuEVI that are present in the NuRAD too, as well as the nice OLED display and menu system with full manual control over all sensor adjustments and easy setup of CCs, MIDI channel, transposition, and much much more.

Tech specs

Power source: 3xAAA alkaline batteries or USB
Brains: PJRC Teensy 3.2 microcontroller dev board (Cortex M4)
USB: Micro USB jack, class compliant USB MIDI
Type of sensing: Capacitive, using built in Teensy cap touch sense and 3x the MPR121 chip
Sensors: Touch keys and rollers, pitch bend pads (proportional), vibrato/portamento lever, breath sensor, bite sensor (for vibrato or portamento) and lip sensor (extra controller)
Breath sensor system: Closed (like the Akai EWI1000 and the original Steiner EVIs and EWIs), NXP MP3V5004GP piezoresistive transducer, 0 to 3.92 kPa
Body: Main body from 3D printed PLA plastic, top and bottom sheets in transparent laser cut/etched acrylic
CV output: 0 to 3.3V breath CV through unused pin of DIN MIDI jack, or pitch+breath CV output for amplification by optional module or box. Built-in 3.5 mm TS jack outputting breath CV 0 to 4.6V (hi-speed, hi-res, digitally generated, so output responds to breath adjustments in the menus).
Accessories included: Removable handle and neck strap. Various pinky key dimensions for customization to preference.

Available color ways (almost all example pics are from NuEVI)

- translucent white / clear (aka Snow and Ice)
- translucent blue / fluo blue (aka Blue Ice)
- blue / fluo blue (aka Kind of Blue)
- light gray / smoke (aka Twilight)
- light purple / smoke (aka Purple Haze) (pre-production NuRAD in this color way pictured)
- red / red (aka Profondo Rosso)
- black / fluo blue (aka Midnight Blue)
- black / dark smoke (aka Obsidian)
Other combinations can be provided on demand, with posslble extra cost for material not in stock and extra waiting time for acquiring material.


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