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Vinyle à l'ordinateur via USB - Avis Numark TTUSB

The Numark TTUSB connects to your computer via USB, and it comes with everything you need right in the box to start transferring your vinyl to your computer. That is about the only reason someone would purchase this turntable because it is not really made for scratching or heavy use. It is made out of like a plastic material. The price of this turntable is very appealing coming in at less than 100 dollars. It will allow you to take all of your vinyl records and get them into your PC while converting them to MP3 with the provided software.

Setting up this turntable is simple, all you have to do is put the cartridge on the arm. It is truly a plug and play turntable because it connects right to your computer with a USB cord then you will quickly hear the audio being played through your computer speakers/monitors or where you have your audio playing out of.

The Numark TTUSB has selectable speeds, but it just doesn’t have 78. You can use this turntable just to listen to your vinyl on even if you have not need to transfer it to your computer. Just because of the price alone makes it an affordable turntable just to have around the house for when you play your vinyl records.
There are RCA line outputs and USB connection on the back of the unit. It also has a +10 percent pitch control that is fully adjustable. The software that comes with the TTUSB is called EZ software, it is not the best and easiest software in the world to work with and understand but if you keep it simple and to the point you will have no issues. The turntable will record directly into EZ software then you export it out of EZ software in MP3 format to a file or folder of your choice. It truly does make it easy for someone to take all of their favorite records and get them into MP3 format so they can put them on a CD or a MP3 player.