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Petite annonce Vinyles timecodés Serato

Collector! Serato Pressings California Limited Edition 8 Vinyls Pack! Great value!

150 € Allemagne Berlin
Set of four (4) pairs of Serato Control Vinyls premiered and sold initially at a special Control Vinyl Collectors group event.

Great value because this pack represents 8 vinyls and so 16 time code vinyls sides!

Serato Control Tone Cv2.5


Barcode (Top Left Quarter): 873857003063
Barcode (Top Right Quarter): 873857003070
Barcode (Bottom Left Quarter): 873857003087
Barcode (Bottom Right Quarter): 873857003094

Local pick up preferred but also possibility to ship worldwide after arrangement!

Because they are still factory sealed, pics 3 and 4 are taken from the Web and are only for information.
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