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1 des meilleurs - Avis Yamaha MOX8

The Yamaha MOX8 is a hammer action synth that has 88 keys. This is one of the best user friendly synth workstations that I have used. It has a built in interface with 4 in and 2 out inputs. There are over 6 thousand arpeggiator pattern presets on the Yamaha MOX8. It is very easy to find the sound that you are looking for on the Yamaha MOX8 because it has a category search option. Every since I have been using the Yamaha MOX8 I have noticed a spark in my creativity because this keyboard gives you so many options to control your sound. The Yamaha MOX8 has let me get the ideas that are in my head out easily.


Editing your sounds is simple, as long as you understand how to use the functions of the Yamaha MOX8. It could take you some time before you have a full grasp on how this keyboard operates. Understanding all of its functions and “tricks” don’t come quick, but once you got them down they will stick with you forever. All of the MO line of keyboard synths from Yamaha has pretty much the same set up so if you can work this keyboard you can work them all.


The sounds are amazing, all of the synths and brass are perfect. I have only found a few sounds on this keyboard that I didn’t like too much and most of them are basses. The bass is where I think Roland beats out Yamaha keyboard synths.


There are a lot of keyboards out there, and a lot of them are very good. But the Yamaha MOX8 makes everything so easy. You can create from scratch or build off of presets that it gives you. Knowing what I know now, I should have got this keyboard when it first came out. It is also priced well!