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Un excellent achat pour un utilisateur poste de travail première fois - Avis Yamaha MOX8

A studio that I go to frequently has the MOX8 there for us to work with. I always enjoy working with it though I would never go out and purchase it because of all of the boards that I have at home that are similar or better. The MOX8 was one of those workstations that I didn’t even have to see a manual to know how to work it because most all of the Yamaha’s boards are very similar with the way that they work and operate. So if you have used one of them you have pretty much used them all.


Using the MOX8 is not as complex as my Motif board at home, but the functionality of it is pretty much identical. All of the menus and options are pretty much the same and the general layout is the same, even the pitch and mod wheel feel the same. You will not need a manual to work with this workstation and it can easily be synched up with your DAW to be used as a VST.


The keys are touch sensitive and feel really good. The sounds are very good, especially the arps, I love the arps plus there are over 6 thousand different patterns that you can arp with which is more than any other board I think that I have ever used. Getting this full 88 key workstation to work with your PC or Mac is also very simple. I have used it on a Mac computer at the studio before and it was really easy to work with it as a VST.


Sequencing on this workstation is also pretty simple though I would not choose to use its sequencing because I think that using it in Logic was so much better. For the price, to get a full 88 key workstation with a ton of arps is a steal and a must have. If I didn’t already have so many similar boards I would purchase this one to keep at home!