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Avis de moosers - Fender Vibro-King Custom

The Fender Vibro King is an electric guitar amplifier consisting of a built in vibrato effect.  The amp has three speakers inside of it, and has two 1/4 inch inputs in the front of it.  The amp is a tube based one, and has the parameters split into three different sections...


I don't think that too many users will have a problem working the Fender Vibro King.  Starting from the left, the first section has parameters for dwell, mix, and tone, while the next section has parameters for volume, treble, bass, and mid, and also has a bright switch.  The last section has only parameters for speed and intensity to control the vibrato.  Getting a nice sound is as easy as turning it on, granted that you know what you're doing when it comes to actually playing!  I've never had a need to look for a manual for the Vibro King...


The Fender Vibro King is overall one of my favorite sounding Fender guitar amps.  Beyond the amazing vibrato effect, the inherent tone of the amp is outstanding.  The sound is really clear and you've got a good number of parameters to control your sound and get some versatility.  I've used the amp with both a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Jazzmaster, and find that the tone of the guitar comes in exactly as it should with both of the guitars.  That is to say that the true tone of the actual guitar comes in perfectly through this amplifier.  The effect of course is one of the best of its kind, if not the best sounding vibrato I've ever heard.


While they've got reissues of the Fender Vibro King, I've only used the original so I can't compare the two.  While I'm sure that the reissue comes close, the original is really something to try out.  It can get quite loud, and for recording I tend to keep the volume at only at around three, as I find that it gets loud enough there.  The amp is rather big, so I would probably recommend it first as a studio amp, but it will work well in any situation.  If you're into vintage guitar amps, the Fender Vibro King is one of the true kings of the guitar amp world...