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Belle petite combo - Avis Laney LC15-110

Laney is a British company that has been making fantastic sounding amplifiers for about 35+ years. They started back in the late 60's and have been a high quality company since it's birth.

This amp is a one channel amp with one 10 inch speaker from Celestion. You get a great sounding clean tone and a mild overdrive tone. This amp is not high gain at all and will sound closer to a mild Marshall plexi drive. You have a boost or bright switch and that is about it for this amp. No frills just pure tone and simplicity.


* Power RMS: 15 Watts
* Inputs: Hi & Lo Jacks
* Channels: 1
* Equalisation: Bass, Middle, Treble
* Bright Switch: Yes
* Preamp Valves: Premium ECC83
* Output Valves: Premium EL84
* Class: Class A / B
* Drivers: 1x 10" Celestion Tube 10
* Weight: 11.5 Kg
* Dimensions (mm): 385 x 382 x 250


This amp is about average for me. There isn't anything here tone wise that makes me want this amp. It is an all tube amp and that is a great thing for the price but the tone of this amp isn't too inspiring.

The amp sounds best for blues rock in my opinion. You get a good usable bluesy tone and a mild overdrive for country or pop music. The tone is great but it seems a little limited in versatility. This is a simple tone amp and not a tone of features to get in the way of tone.

This amp sound god with any decent guitar you have. It takes pedals real well and can get real tight in the low end due to the 10 inch speakers. The Lc15 is a low watt amp so you can crank it a little more and get those power tubes to overdrive for you without blowing through the walls.


At new these amps come in at around $450, which isn't bad for a tube amp. I wish it has one more channel and it would be much better. That i where the LC30 comes in though. This amp can get you a good tone for light jamming or practicing at home. It is a fairly inexpensive amp and will serve its user well.