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Trop cher ces jours-ci - Avis Shure Ps-6

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
throughout my production career I've owned 2 of theses PS-6 pop filters. They come with the following

filter (fabric made)
gooseneck arm

There are many companies out with the same looking pop filter, the truth is they lla work the same and will get the job done. How much you pay for one is up to you. The only thing I've noticed on the cheaper brands is the clamp some of them are cheaply built and others are not. Sometimes this is not a big deal but it is if you do a lot of studio recording. Often artist or yourself will bunch the clamp or nudge the clamp from time to time and it will make it lose its effective hold.

Also when moving equipment around you will find your self taking the clamp on and off and this will also weaken it.

I used this pop filter with a few different condenser mics as well as an sm58. The condenser mics i have used with this filter would be

Behringer B2
JM47 (By Joe Meek)
Studio projects b1
Studio Projects B3
SCM 90 (By Nady)

It did a great job on all mics no plosives were recorded.


My only grips with this pop filter is the fabric rips over time. i've had to replace the fabric with leggings over 20 times in the last 11 years. The fabric holds in saliva as well as bacteria. If your artist has bad breath you will smell it on the pop filter. They are difficult to wash but they work so well. Another thing is you wouldn't want to turn off another artist.

If they step inside of your mic booth and get close to the pop filter and they smell the foul odor it might turn them off. Plus it's just a respectable thing to do. I know I wouldn't want to to have a bad odor in my face when trying to sing.

I personally would stay away from this popfilter (because of the fabric and week clamp) you can buy a mesh filter for just a few bucks more. If you find this filter for $10.00 on the other hand, then and only then is it worth it's weight in gold