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Avis de nickname009 - Genz-Benz GB 212G-Flex

This is a great cab. Let me just say I have no interest in Lynch's tone, I was and never have been a big fan of his tone or his music. Though I respect that he can play quite well. The Gflex is endorsed by him but I didn't buy it because of him. I bought it because it was advertised to be as loud and full sounding as a 412. I have to say, it's pretty darn close if not, pretty much there. I wish I had more time to compare it with a 412 but at the time I only owned this cab and a Jazz Chorus combo. Interestingly enough, I've heard Lynch doesn't even use these cabs live and if he did it was for clean. I'm not surprised by this, most players who endorse stuff don't even use the gear they endorse.

Anyway, back to the cab. Solidly built, a bit on the heavy side, and kinda bulky but that's what you get for such a huge sound. It projects quite well and does sound very very good at far distances. The 4 bass ports is really cool and is 'supposed' to help the bass travel. I haven't gigged in quite some time that needed something with such power, rated at 150 watts and is HUGE for a 2x12. Though if I did have to, I would definitely pick one of these up again. It does need wheels for easier transport though. And a lot of players prefer no wheels cause of the bass response, but that is faux bass response and is only felt within 5 feet of the amp, the mic doesn't pick it up nor does the audience from far distance so that's something players are usually deceived by.

I had the Gflex when I was running a dual amp setup. Roland jazz chorus combo for cleans with a laney GH100L for dirt through the GFlex and I gotta say I pretty damn happy. Minus the rig-hauling to gigs, everything sounded pretty sweet. I sort of wish I kept everything that I had but bills bills bills. Anyhow, great cab, great build, great sound. I can't really tell you what it sounds like, it's not a modern rectifier cab sound nor is it a vintage marshall it's more like... its something of it's own and it sounds great. Like a higher resolution vintage marshall sound? Does that make any sense?